A Short Guide to Breast Augmentation Procedures

No two women’s bodies are alike, and all breasts are unique even when they belong to a single woman. Breast augmentation is equal parts art and science, and determining what is right for a patient, from type and size of the implants to their placement in the body, begins with this brief guide.

How Big is Big Enough

Breast Augmentation Chicago is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. One woman may look just fine with size DD breasts, but another’s figure may be more suited to a C cup. When determining whether to get implants, a patient should consider her body type, and she should tell her surgeon about her goals before making a decision on implant size.

Saline and Silicone

Today’s breast implants are filled with either a saline solution (FDA approved for those 18 and over) or a silicone gel (approved for those 22 and older). While silicone gel is preferred by most patients because of its natural movement and feel, the choice lies with the patient and with the surgeon. To get a feel for each type, ask to hold samples during the initial consultation.

The Health Risks of Implants

Some surgeons think that placing implants below the pectorals and using textured shells can reduce the risk of complications. Breast augmentation is a widely-performed, safe procedure; over 300,000 surgeries are done each year. However, like all surgical procedures, it carries some risk.

The most prevalent side effect is capsular contracture, where scar tissue grows around an implant and causes physical distortion and hardening. The cause is as yet unknown, and treatment requires surgery and implant replacement.


Breast Implant Alternatives

Although silicone and saline implants remain a popular choice in breast augmentation procedures, fat transfer is a viable alternative for some women. Here, a patient’s fat is taken via liposuction from areas such as the inner thighs and abdomen, purified and injected into the breast area.

Tummy Tuck Chicago IL done in this way does not carry as many of the risks associated with implants, but it cannot provide a similar range of cup sizes. Moreover, procedure results are usually more subtle than those given by implants. If a patient is considering breast augmentation and liposuction, a fat transfer procedure can be a cost-efficient way to get both. Consult a surgeon about a potential combined procedure.

If a Patient Changes Her Mind

Although Breast Augmentation in Chicago should be regarded as a long-term solution and an investment, it’s understandable that some women’s bodies and minds change with time. Even if a person undergoes breast augmentation, there are surgical options such as revision and implant removal that can address future needs. Patients should remember that a breast augmentation, like any other type of cosmetic surgery, should be done for their own reasons. By taking care of one’s own happiness and health first, everything else is guaranteed to fall into place.